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Wierd issue with my karma today


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Oct 5, 2018
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Hi, sorry my first post is an annoying question! :(

I was messing around on the beach practicing flying in the wind, and the controls started acting up. Firstly I could not stop the camera recording, and then it wouldn't descend or land, but the other movement controls were all working. Battery was about to die, so I ended up just zigzagging quickly forward and backwards repeatedly to lower the altitude enough that the inevitable crash wasn't so bad... fortunately on sand from about 10ft, so no harm done in the end.

I doubt it was interference, was in the middle of nowhere and no-one around... you barely get a phone signal there. Range from drone to myself was probably max a hundred feet when it started, but probably continued when I walked right under it.

Anyone had similar issues? And if so, any idea how to stop it happening again?
Hi there mate!

If the battery was about to die did you hear the audio warnings?
If not then do you have the sound turned right up on the controller.
Maybe if it was really windy as you say it was you didnt hear the warning that it was auto landing.
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I thought that at first, but it was claiming about about 6 minutes remaining when the problem started... I just noticed when I tried to bring it down a bit... it was about a hundred foot up at the time. It didn't seem to autoland, then I kinda panicked with about a minute remaining and improvised to get it lower and limit the damage. Fortunately nothing broken, just sand in everything!

I use it a lot over the sea, and a bit worried about it happening again, water is less forgiving than sand :D
Once again I repeat, plan your flight and don't push the battery limits. Make 10 minutes your limit. Also check your batteries before going on a flight as they do loose their charge over time.

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