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  • Hi Ironspear, I've just returned from trip to Rarotonga in the Cooks. I got some good Karma material with no problems. By sticking to a flight time of no more that ten minutes and getting a solid GPS fix before take off, all went smoothly in an average island onshore breeze. The drone answered to all my movements. After about a ten minut flight the battery showed around 2 to 3 lights on the battery.
    James Hatch
    James Hatch
    It has been quite awhile since I last posted. Now I am looking forward to spending another Christmas and New Year flying my Karma Drone once again on the Cook Island of Rarotonga
    I am still waiting to find out if you are going to fly your drone up the Murray to Tailem Bend? From what I hear you could do that with a hydrogen job.
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