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Recent content by Ironspear

  1. Ironspear

    Problem battery karma

    Must be the contacts then. Are they clean? It may be safer to buy a new battery. Good luck.
  2. Ironspear

    Karma Back in Action!

    Well done JCLs! Glad you managed to sort it out. I too have found GoPro Support to be very good. Good luck.
  3. Ironspear

    Karma Back in Action!

    Great news about your Karma mate, good to see there are still honest people around! I don't think we have that sort of registration system here in Australia yet but I have always put my mobile phone number on mine just in case. I have read that replacing the arms is quite easy. Good luck.
  4. Ironspear

    Karma Back in Action!

    There has been a major GPS fault with the Karma at the turn of the new year. GoPro put out an update for it last week. Did you update yours? The camera needs to be updated first via your PC then the karma etc via your karma controller once that has linked to your home wifi. Good luck, hope you...
  5. Ironspear

    GoPro Karma Grounded Worldwide thanks to GPS issue.

    Hope you still had a great holiday though mate! Happy New Year!
  6. Ironspear

    Karma Back in Action!

    All up and running here in South Australia.
  7. Ironspear

    Bug fix coming this week???

    Hiya mate. Did you update you camera too. You need to do that separately through your PC.
  8. Ironspear

    compass error no gps

    All updated fine here in Australia. Karma back up in the air!!!! YAY!
  9. Ironspear

    GoPro Karma Grounded Worldwide thanks to GPS issue.

    Hi there all. I have successfully downloaded and installed the update for the GPS issue. I am in Australia. Just have to wait a bit after you connect your controller to your wifi network. Eventually mine told me there was a new update to install. You need your controller to get the updates...
  10. Ironspear

    Here and there - Western Front, 2019

    Great video again mate. I have to do one of those battlefield tours one day!
  11. Ironspear

    GoPro Karma Grounded Worldwide thanks to GPS issue.

    Bugga! I will have to get the old girl out and see if she works ok. Havent used it yet this year ....
  12. Ironspear

    crashed my karma

    Hi mate. Bummer re the crash! I have seen arms, gimbals and skids etc for replacement but I think you may have to get a whole new core. I have never come across the outer cases etc. May be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand Karma. Good luck in your hunt.
  13. Ironspear

    GoPro Karma in cold weather

    I could only imagine what those temperatures are like! Great footage once again Knut. It is 42c here today so watching your video is very cooling lol. Not sure about low temps mate but I wont fly here if the temp is 38c or higher. Do you think you have shorter flight time? All the best for...
  14. Ironspear

    FAA ~ Recreational Drone Flying Aeronautical Test Moves Forward

    I haven't heard of anything like this here in Oz yet. Probably soon though.
  15. Ironspear

    4K drone flight in Italy on Lake Garda.

    Great video mate. Beautiful scenery.