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Recent content by Ironspear

  1. Ironspear

    Another Flyaway!

    G'day! You could have a look at this thread... https://gopropilots.com/threads/error-msg-unable-to-takeoff-resolved.256/ In it they seem to think it is an issue with the stabiliser... Good luck.
  2. Ironspear

    60 seconds drone video from Norwegian mountains

    Another beautiful "vision" of Norway Knut! You are very lucky to live their mate. Did you get any of the recent southern European "heatwave"??? Keep up the great work mate.
  3. Ironspear

    Using Timewarp on Karma

    Hiya. And Welcome. Unfortunately I dont think that the Hero7 timewarp option works while attached to the Karma drone.
  4. Ironspear

    new flyer from caribbean

    Great to hear you are getting ready! Have fun, thats the main thing. I think we have all had a crash at some stage. Tis all part of the learning curve.
  5. Ironspear

    Summer in Moscow. Karma grip and karma with hero6

    Really good mate! Great work.
  6. Ironspear

    Where are you????

    Yeah! I'm in South Australia. Thought there were some POMs on here. I'm sure some one will chirp up. Have fun.
  7. Ironspear

    Altitude and Distance Tests

    You can use the Gopro video editor. Or other ones to add the overlay data that is recorded with each flight/use of camera.
  8. Ironspear

    Help please

    G'day! 1. have you run all the updates for all the gopro components you have? 2. Have you calibrated the Karma drone? 3. The harness does fit VERY snugly. You just have to practice putting it in the harness and taking it out. Dont force it. Have a look through this forum and find the...
  9. Ironspear

    Fire Unit

    Hey. That was excellent mate! Well set up shots.
  10. Ironspear

    Karma with Hero6: blank controller screen during flight

    Hi mate. I think you may have the wrong forum. This is for GoPro Karma Drones not Yuneec.
  11. Ironspear


    HEY! Just dont fly over water as the manual says lmao!
  12. Ironspear

    Shot down

    Yeah, sure did see things. Wonder what they were?
  13. Ironspear

    Shot down

    WOW! not experienced that yet. What country do you live in?
  14. Ironspear

    I had no idea the Karma could "Fly" underwater

    Tough little buggas aren't they! LOL
  15. Ironspear

    Prop guards????

    WOW! Looks amazing mate. Keep us posted as to how it goes.