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Good morning...I have never used a forum before so hopefully I'm doing this right. I am a new Karma owner. I bought it at a pawn shop. I have completed a few test flights and have a lot of questions.
For starters, I have yellow circles on display before I fly. What's that about?
Not a new member. Since 2018 have been reading or responding to the group. Maybe a software issue. I use a Windows 10 phone, Lumia 950, no proper app for, although I'm told to download the app from Google Play. App Never Existed, system assumes only Android or Apple (so dumb). Am writing this now on a windows 10 computer.
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Lots of luck!! You are on the end of a limb. I lost two and I was very conservative, used for video platform only. GoPro refuses to admit there is a problem with flyaways. By the way, I too loved that drone, but!
Both times on a Oregon beach near my home, no concrete, etc. I too use it only for a video platform. Lightning strikes twice? There HAVE been an awful lot of flyaway Karmas. Glad you have no problems and have seen your videos. Mine are on,
Seaside Oregon David Dorsey.

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