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Camera Connection


Jan 13, 2024
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My Karma has the current firmware as does my stabilizer, my controller, and my Hero 5 Black. I have attached photos showing everything ready to go. I power up the controller, the Karma drone, and the stabilizer engages and turns on the camera. (photo 1) The controller recognizes the stabilizer, the Karma, and the Camera and all four devices shown to be updated. (photo 2) The fly button lights up green, (photo 3) and the Media tab in the menu is active (photo 4) and the controller reads the media card in the camera (photo 5) but when I hit the gofly button, it gives me a message saying the camera is not connected. (photo 6)
I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you

photo 1.jpg

u.Photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

Photo 4.jpg

photo 5.jpg

photo 6.jpg


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I haven't flown mine in about a year. This is a head scratcher, but I do have a couple of questions. First did your come with the hand held stabilizer? If so I would try using that and see if there are any problems. Next does the camera function properly by itself? . I would have to guess it's the connection between the camera and the stabilizer.
The camera works fine by itself and it also works in the Karma Grip. As I said, the controller reads the media card when it is in the stabilizer and in the Drone. I have the green light, everything is updated, every device is recognized, the planets all line up, but I keep getting the message you can see in the photos.
AT this point, I would think it might be a bad connection between the stabilizer and the drone, or a software issue. My next step would be to try another GoPro camera and see what happens. If that doesn't work It might be a pairing issue between the camera and the drone. You might want to check out this video. It provides a method of fixing pairing issues, a bit complicated but he also provides a link to a Facebook group that specializes in getting these fixed properly.
Appreciate the advice and the link. THis is way too difficult for me as I may be the worlds worst solderer. Thank you for your time.
He provides a link for the Facebook page where you can join and their a people who will do it for you. You just have to go to the link and register and you can get help there. I have joined myself in case mine stops working. I don't want to attempt the soldering myself.
Appreciate you. I am paraphrasing when I say that I do not have a facebook page because I wouldn't want to be part of a club that would have someone like me as a member. So I will remain stuck until the sun comes out if it ever does. Thank you again.

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