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Third-Party Fly Controller


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Oct 23, 2023
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Hello everyone!
I have seen that the problem with pairing is very common, I am not an original user of a Karma but I do FPV flights with homemade drones.

A few days ago I got a karma for 25 bucks (battery, body and controller), clearly the controller can't pair with the drone.

My idea to return it to flight is somewhat different from the attempts in Karma refusing to pair - Reverse engineering investigation, my goal is to remove all the electronics inside the Karma (and keep it until a solution exists ;)) and install common circuits in the world FPV:
- a flight controller from speedybee (FC)
- a motor controller (ESC)
- a video transmitter (VTX Dji Unit o3 or an analog one)
- an ExpressLRS receiver (RX ELRS from betafpv)
- Antennas, GPS, black box, among others...

Additionally, use the grip hole and install the fpv camera there, or maybe add a 2-axis gimbal mount for my hero 4, as well as add weight to balance the front (maybe some things need to be adjusted in BetaFlight)

Now I am determining the capacity of the motors (amperage, KV) to be able to install an ESC with sufficient capacity, I already have a SpeedyBee F405 with 50A ESC.

Do any of you have information that could be helpful to me?
- What characteristics or what model are the engines?
- How many amperes does each motor need?
- What are the maximum revolutions it can reach?

I saw this 2216 KV900 motor, which looks very similar to the Karma ones, can work with 10" propellers, support 4S batteries and have a peak of 18,1 A, that makes me think my ESC can handle that.
Thank you!

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