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How-To : Adding "Gauges" overlay to your video using GoPro Quik


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May 30, 2017
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Hi All --

As many of you have already seen in my Karma drone goes 54MPH!!! video (link to thread here) , I was able to utilize captured telemetry data as an overlay to my video.

Something came up that compelled me to post this How-To post so that others can do the same for their videos.


I'm not making any warranties on this process. The screenshots are from using Quik v2.3.0.5383 on Windows 10. I'll try and make corrections if/when I can. This is a try-it-for-yourself tip. I don't work for GoPro.


What to do

1. Install the Quik app onto your PC/Mac. I'm not going to detail that process, or how you configure Quik to recognize your folders of assets (i.e, your videos and photos)

2. In Quik, browsing your media assets, select a video then click [View].


3. In the Viewing window, click on the [Gauges] button on the bottom-center-right of the window.


4. In the Adjust Gauges window, use the sliders to select what gauge overlays you want enabled.


Below is a summary of what each setting corresponds to


Note: you can resize how big/small each gauge is, and drag its position on the window.

5. To save the video with the Gauges overlay, you must export the video with the Gauges overlay configured by pressing the [Create a Clip] button on the bottom-center-left


6. In the Create a Clip window, the video may attempt to auto-play. To stop it, click on timeline bar with the mouse. You can also adjust the Start & End points on the timeline bar to clip the video. Press the [Save] button


7. In the Save a New Clip window, specify the name (something slightly different that original -- you never want to over-write the original), change the Quality (if desired), then press [Save]. It will take a while for the new video to be rendered.



1. It's my understanding that the telemetry data is captured by sensors in the camera, not the drone itself. (There are videos on YouTube showing people, uh, racing their cars and capturing their speed/acceleration.)

2. The telemetry data is sourced in the original .MP4 file that comes from the camera. When the new video is rendered (from Steps #6 & #7) that stream of telemetry data is not migrated forward to the newly saved .MP4 file.

3. I don't like the workflow of how Quik acquires, inventories, and edits videos. I use a different video editor for most of that. (I absolutely hate that Quik kicks up whenever I plug my Hero5 or the SD card to my laptop's SD Card Reader.) I just use Quik to get the overlays added.

4. When I have a chance in the future, I'll do another write-up getting into the inner depths of how the telemetry data is embedded into the .MP4 container.

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