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  1. S

    GoPro Hero 6 no GPS data when in Karma

    Hey guys, so I used my Karma drone to shoot some green screen footage to put into blender and I'm looking to recreate the movement in Blender using the GPS data. I'm using Telemetry Extractor to get the data in the right format but as the photos show, when I upload the Karma footage there's no...
  2. M

    Help me, my contrôler is in 2.5 and my drone too

    Hi everybody, I hope some nice people can help me. I have the gps bug, but my contrôler don’t find any update for my drone. I can’t flight anymore. Some one can help me?
  3. I

    GPS Lost Soon After Take Off

    My eighth Karma flight and my first bad experience. Some of my friends were heading out on a RIB so I planned to position Karma mid channel and video them leaving the Harbour. However, soon after takeoff the controller said something like "Karma GPS lost use joysticks" while Karma kept heading...
  4. N

    GPS loss / fly away

    Hi Guys I’m new the flying so please bear with me. I’ve read a lot about gps problems and fly aways. If I did a quick channel scan to see what’s on channel 1 (WiFi) and flew without GPS I am minimising the risk of a fly away I have bought a cheap drone to learn to fly fully manually before...
  5. G

    Flying without GPS

    I got a little brave yesterday, and thought I'd share my story. My family and I took a hike to the bottom of a waterfall. Of course I carried my Karma kit so I could film the trek with the grip, and also took the drone "just in case". When we reached the bottom, I thought it would make a...
  6. HeWhoAngersYou

    GoPro support is a joke

    Been back and forth with GoPro support for WEEKS! heres what has transpired. I had my Karma for about a month with NO problems. One day I turn it on it says new software available (1.51) big mistake, every since nothing but issues. "compass calibration issues, No GPS, controller screen goes...
  7. McToddy

    How-To : Adding "Gauges" overlay to your video using GoPro Quik

    Hi All -- As many of you have already seen in my Karma drone goes 54MPH!!! video (link to thread here) , I was able to utilize captured telemetry data as an overlay to my video. Something came up that compelled me to post this How-To post so that others can do the same for their videos...
  8. S

    Karma drone disappears

    Greetings, I'd like to discuss my new Karma drone and the disappearing act it pulled on me yesterday. My third overall flight, flying in a residential setting, I did my first "high" altitude flight, reaching as high as 300.' I came back down to about 200,' lost GPS, then lost connection between...
  9. J


    HI, I recently bought a drone and lost gps signal my first three flights. All three times were within the 50' of the controller. I was in my open backyard in the country with just a few trees and house to the south of me. Everything was going great for a while and then instant fly away. Crashed...