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How is karma in 2020


iv been following this site for 2 weeks now.
Seen more bad things about karma than good things.

When it seems to work, its wonderfull.
But when its bad, its really bad.

iv bought a karma base setup used with no stabilizer and no camera.
I havent flown it yet because of said parts missing from the setup.

how is karma in march 2020 is like?

from what i read here:
from stabilzer stopped working out of nowhere to stabilizer stop working after an update.
camera stop working/ disconnects and the drone falls from the sky.

what is happening to this particular drone?

should i invest on the 2 missing parts that i need to fly or is/will this be a money pit and should sell it?
Just make sure to calabrate before each flight. turn wifi of on your controler. that will stop the bogus update taking drones out.
Just make sure to calabrate before each flight. turn wifi of on your controler. that will stop the bogus update taking drones out.
What is this bogus update that you talk about?

Have fun.
I am hoping to get help with replacing my Karma and Hero 6. I purchased in Dec 2017. I had no idea that the drones were having so many software issues. I am just now finding all of this out and struggling to get a replacement or my money back from Gopro. I lost my drone about a month ago when it flew away suddenly after losing connection. I tried everything to land, catch up to it, and find it, to no avail. I don't have high hopes that someone found and will return it. Go pro is refusing to anything about it, even though it is their defective product that just flew away! I am so frustrated.
Almost 3 year old drone and you want it replaced??

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I am a new Karma owner. Don't have experience with any other drones. Before purchasing, noted a lot of mixed reviews on the Karma. It's big and heavy and lacks the sensors and collision avoidance of the high-end DJI drones but also comes with a removable stabilizer and handle for on the ground videos. I'm using the Hero7 and the video quality seems excellent. I mostly fly in rural or semi-rural areas and haven't yet experienced any problems with loss of control. I've had a few flights in very high, gusty wind conditions (20+ mph?) and found it to be surprisingly stable, and the automated flight path functions work well. Unfortunately, due to pilot error, I clipped a tree branch with it the other day and my Karma hit the ground below from 15-20 feet. I cracked a front-left control arm and will replace/repair it this week. So based on my experience thus far, this seems a very capable and durable drone.
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Welcome to the “hidden” majority. You follow directions and take proper care, your Karma should last a long time. By far that is the case for the vast majority of owners. What you see on this forum is almost exclusively complaints and problems. Anything electronic can fail, some Karmas do so, others are mistreated by folks who buy, run out and fly out of box, as is possible, for the first time and anything that happens then or afterwards is the fault of Karma.

Karma was not made for FPV flying out of sight. It was made for a good picture taking platform for the GoPro within reasonable limits. It does that quite well. Yes GoPro indicates a maximum range etc. All that depends on conditions. Karma is WiFi based, both control and video/data. Any place you go in an urban environment is flooded with WiFi. (In my Houston townhouse my scanner can see over 20 WiFi signals, some very strong and probably on illegal boosters.) It absolutely causes problems. Remember any RC device that does not require a license for the radio interface is using a spectrum of WiFi, as do many household wireless devices. That includes every single RC device available online, hobby shops etc. If the proper frequencies are not used the seller of the devices is severely fined by the FCC. Hobby King and others have found that out. I have quads I built that use ham radio band VHF and UHF frequencies, and I have a ham radio license.

If interested in improving radio performance of Karma do not buy any device to increase power level at the controller. That is a one direction fix and is also illegal. All this wifi use is limited to very low power levels. All you can do is put bigger patch antennas, or similar, on the controller. This way there is gain on both the transmitted and received signals. That does help. Gain is measured in db and a 3 db gain doubles the effective signal power.

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