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New (to me) Karma arrived!


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Feb 27, 2019
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Virginia Beach, VA
Greeetings, I probably should have posted an intro before I posted in other threads, but oh well...

I'm a retired Marine CH-46E pilot (with over 2,000 hours in fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft) living in Virginia Beach. Getting into the drone flying because my medical is currently denied and I still need to scratch the flying itch... Licensed by FAA as a Commercial Single Engine Land/Helicopter pilot with instrument ratings for both airplane and helicopter. Once I get my medical back, I'm planning on adding the 107 endorsement and also moving on to the Regional Airlines (they're heavily recruiting military helo guys right now). Currently working as a Federal Government Civil Servant, training young Marines in the intricacies of Close Air Support.

Bought a used GoPro Karma on eBay, that appeared to be in pretty good shape - and the guy accepted my offer of $400 for the drone, two batteries, and four sets of blades. Unlike some Karmas on eBay - this one included the gimbal and the grip. It got delivered last night, and it's in really good shape - with the exception of the right rear arm. It's missing the cap at the bottom that covers the LED lights. Couldn't find it in the package at all, so I'm assuming it wasn't damaged in shipping. Ordered a new arm to replace it. Haven't been able to check the operation of the drone/gimbal - my Hero 5 should ship today. Was able to get everything powered up and updated - so when the Hero 5 is delivered, get that updated and I'll be ready to fly.

This isn't my first drone, got pretty good with the tiny (sub $100) one that my wife got me for Christmas a while back - so I'm hoping that if I run into any problems with GPS, I should be able to handle flying it back to me. If not... Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Just wanted to say hi, and hope to glean some good info from you fine folks!
Good luck ! You were most smart flying little one. Fly this one remembering it was made as a picture taking platform, not a racer or long distance runner. Want to play hard get a Vortex! Flying far and out of site no comment as illegal. Should be truly simple for you to get 107.

You need to get and RC Heli!

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Fly this one remembering it was made as a picture taking platform, not a racer or long distance runner. Should be truly simple for you to get 107.
That's partly why I chose the Karma over others (besides just the price I found on eBay). I wanted an aerial platform to supplement my photography hobby (and have the handheld gimbal), and eventually help with marketing my travel business on YouTube. As for getting my 107 endorsement, it's probably easier than you think. I have to take an online course, have a BFR and have a CFI sign me off. Being that I have tons of buds in the area that are CFIs, it'll be super easy.

You need to get and RC Heli!
I already have a couple. I'll say this, that little %&*!( is way harder to fly than a real one.
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G'day mate. You will love it!
Have fun....
I saw VA Beach, and want to extend an invitation to a group i just joined which is meeting Sunday from 1 pm at the williamsburg-jamestown airport. Tidewater Virginia Area UAS UAV Drone Users Group Club (Williamsburg, VA)

Im driving 2 hours from lake anna to be there, if you can make it, itd be nice to meet you!

Must add: thank you for serving!

I've looked into it, but that's across the HRBT! On a Sunday! I am thinking of joining the AMA, there's a local chapter that has a flying field with a charging station, clubhouse, and has a combo lock that's available to all the members. Of course, that's almost in North Carolina. I live in probably one of the more congested areas of airspace to fly a drone... Norfolk International, NAS Oceana, NAS Norfolk, Suffolk Executive, Hampton Roads Executive, Chesapeake Regional, etc...


Like I said, might be worth joining the AMA and the local chapter...
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Omy Lord @phrogpilot73 agree that is one busy map view!!
Look forward to hearing you share some on the AMA, i joined it as well, but havent navigated their site much yet...
Got the camera today, and did a quick test flight in my very obstacle laden front and back yard. This drone is WAY easier to fly than my other one. Tomorrow, I'm taking it down to our Marina and flying for actual nice footage hopefully. Then maybe down to the beach to test some of the flight modes. I can tell I'm going to have fun with this.

The only downside to today's flight? I found out that I have to climb up on the roof and replace a furnace vent cap. :(
At least your Karma has helped you repair your house :)

Please be careful on the roof.....
Funny! Lol. Glad to hear you’re ready to play... enjoy!! I had a great relaxing time playing yesterday for about an hour at the lake...???
Not the best day for photography/videography... But I wanted to scratch an itch. Really impressed with the Karma, easy to fly and easy to get great shots. I can see I'm going to have fun with it.

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Love love love it! Have fun!

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