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GoPro Karma Controller Antenna Upgrades

It came with everything I needed .. I purchased the antenna cables on Amazon
The cables that came with it were actually better than the ones I purchased so I would just use what they send you, when you order tell him what you’re doing they will help you.
So in summary.
I buy the base unit for 199 USD.
Then an antenna kit for 99 USD

thats it. No extra cables coaxial fittings under the controller neeeded separatly as they are all included?

Also, do you have a link in the utube on the installation process?

The 2 gold fittings under the controller, you just drill 2 holes and the controller and disconnect the original wifi cables from inside the controller and replace that with the included cables in the kit?
You can just type in GoPro controller upgrade, and it will give you the step-by-step.

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