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Hello from Wisconsin!

Feb 3, 2018
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So after alot of research, and weighing the pros & cons, I purchased my Karma last night.
First impressions....got it setup and updated without incident. Played with the simulator for a while. Pretty basic, but valuable for someone who has never flown anything. I flew rc helis when they first came to market (Cricket,early '80s), so having the luxury of gps will be great.

I already had a Hero5 Black, so the 599 price was a deciding factor. Also, the ability for me to replace parts on my own was a plus. Yes, all the bells and whistles of DJI stuff is appealing, but at a high cost.

I did have a chat with a support person from Gopro, and asked a few questions about parts availability, and software updates. Lets see what happens.

I'll have to wait for my first flight...pretty cold here this am, and going to snow a bunch later today.

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If you have flow heli's in your past...Karma will be a delight.... heck karma is easy for most....with GPS...let go of the sticks....and hover....no reason to get into trouble....that usually comes later when you think you have a handle on things ..LOL...Cold here also....could get to -30 tonight...and we had lots of snow...no weather for a drone !...Take care...stay warm...
Regards from the Canadian Prairies
Spent one year in North Dakota on a missile site. Never again. Supposed to be 75 here tomorrow and flying the QAV540G on a long range test.

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Spend a few extra dollars and buy Jordan Hetrick's manual, it will take you step by step.

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