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Karma parts from estate

No joy. All the various batteries charge up well, but...

The drone powers up but does not exercise the gimbal (no camera), and the gimbal is not orienting our straight. The bird doesn't connect to either of the two RC's.

Following the owner manual for binding, I get an RC into pairing mode, then long press on the bird power button and achieve the alternating front/back lights flashing. But no progress into pairing.

Am thinking that I have a hanger queen that's good for parts. Open to suggestions.

Thanks................. Bob r.
You could try connecting to GoPro and making sure all components are updated.
You can easily find a youtube video about calibrating the harness while installed on one of the handles.

Other than that mate I am unsure. Sorry.

Once again though please do not Viking Burial this craft.
Please consider my original offer if all else fails.

Take care.

Good luck.

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