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Greetings from Studio City, California!


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Jul 1, 2018
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Studio City, CA
Been flying R/C toys for years, and I've recently decided to try drones and aerial photography.

I could use a nudge in the right direction with respect to flying legally.

I'll be flying a Karma, during the daytime, within line of sight, and within a 100ft ceiling and 300ft radius.

If I understand correctly, there are there are three basic check downs:
1. Obey all NFZs - e.g. parks. These seem to be presented reasonably well on some mobile apps.
2. When I'm within airspace/radius of an airport that requires it, I must contact them to present my intentions for each and every flight session.
3. Stay away from the flight ops that require part 107, e.g high altitudes, flying in darkness, over crowds, etc.

Since I don't fail any of the three standards above, I suspect that I can fly up and down the street and over the house without breaking any FAA regs. Do I need to be concerned with State, City or County regs? I see too many bloggers getting harassed by the cops. Whats the best way to navigate the police?

Lastly, I'm unclear whether my Karma & Phantom will require registration. I see ambiguous and contradicting info everywhere. Perhaps it is only required in special flight ops, and I'm unclear what that could be.

Thanks in advance,
I am in the UK so my info is limited.
You do have to register with the FAA and get a registration number which has to be attached to your drones.

Also see B4UFLY Mobile App

Fly safe...
Check with your local city council for local bylaws, concerning flying in built up areas. Drones are now being used by professionals for aerial survey by estate agents. So if you want to video a street or park, better check first and get written authority before you fly.
Where are you in the UK? If you are near a village or town, then check with a village or town council. If you know a farmer, then maybe you can fly in one of his pastures and keep within the limits of the field. Certain common lands are under the control of the National Trust. You could contact them.

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