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Flight regs for drones in UK and Europe


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Jul 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Hi there all.

I will be heading back over to "old Blighty" in just under a years time.

What are the regulations like for drone flying in the UK, oh and Europe for that matter too?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers IM35461 and Shon!

There must be an app for your phone.

Do you guys use the app "Can I Fly There?"
“Can I fly There” only works in Australia. There are lots of apps out there though.

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AirMap, works all over the world and works in partnership with DJI. In some cases where legal, you can even use it to electronically notify the local airport of your flight plan. It will tell you if it is safe to fly, and what the phone number is for a tower if you need to call.

It shows you which areas are completely off limits ( military bases, National Parks), and will also show you local fly for fun rules and temporary flight restrictions. For example, I opened the app the other day, and in addition to the yellow circles normally around the local airports, I saw a red circle indicating temporary flight restrictions as low flying aircraft were practicing for an upcoming air show. Another time, in a place that is typically legal to fly, it showed temporary flight restrictions due to a national sporting event. Where I’m seated now... well see for yourself... it isn’t a good place to fly, lol. Apps don’t negate our personal responsibility to due our own diligence, but I really like this app, even if the result is, “NO YOU CAN’T FLY THERE!!!” Lol


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Just for clarification, YELLOW warnings on the screen capture above indicate an advisory, and that additional action might need to be taken (within 5 miles from an airport, you might need to contact them. ) RED warnings mean it is actually not safe or that flying is prohibited. If everything is GREEN, you are good to go, within normal fly for fun parameters.

I also forgot to mention that AirMap will provide commercial pilot rules as well.

My office sits on an airfield where heavy first responder activity it taking place in regards to local wild fires. Firefighters from Australia, New Zeland, and all over the world are flying into this base. Water Tankers are also flying in and out, and it is an active coast guard base. Like I said...NOT a good place to fly. :)
Great little app Shon.
Cheers for that info.
My house is on the naughty orange zone LOL A few k from a small airport.
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"Firefighters from Australia, New Zealand, and all over the world are flying into this base"

Yes we have heard here all about the crazy bushfires that have been happening in the US.
Great that other countries are assisting. These firefighters can only work effectively at the for a small amount of time. It must be terribly exhausting. I dont think I could do it. They are heroes!
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"...NOT a good place to fly. "
But possibly _THE_ most amazing place to get timelapse video of an airfiled.....
Or is video/still photography "verboten"?
"...NOT a good place to fly. "
But possibly _THE_ most amazing place to get timelapse video of an airfiled.....
Or is video/still photography "verboten"?

That is the great thing about the Karma. can’t fly? You can still pull out your camera and do something else...
You ever done any timelapse out at work Shon?
1) I’m at worrk. ;)
2) Gopro lacks an optical zoom. It sounds good in theory, but in practice... not so sure.

RGR that mate lol.
Cheers Knut!

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