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How do I know I have the new updated Karma and not the old recalled one?


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Jan 8, 2021
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My girlfriend just bought me a Karma GoPro drone for Christmas. She got it used with extra battery and extra propeller. Looks to be in great condition, still had plastic cover on screen, which don't mean much. It turned on and everything paired. Seems to be in great shape.

I've been watching things on youtube about the drone and it having a recall back in 2017. What I wanted to know is how do I find out if I have a newer none recalled drone. Is there a difference between the two? I know it was a battery issue. But I have no Idea if I have a old model that was never returned, or if who she bought it from had a newer version. I'm going to have her contact the seller and ask, but thought I would ask here first, if there is a way to identify the newer version over the old recalled one.

The original Karmas were recalled and exchanged. Very few were not turned in. There is no visible way to tell difference between old new versions, there is a video on YouTube showing that. I believe a slight latch modification held the battery in tighter is all that changed. In any case hard to believe any of the pre-recall units around or anyone would sell one now, but who knows.

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If you want to be certain, just put one layer och masking tape grey color on the battery just to make it tighter. That was what gopro thought of a temporary fix
If you search this forum and youtube, there are some very precise explanations on this topic. One post had photos showing the latching modification in the body of the Karma to allow a better latching system.
see the difference? The old latch had a smaller lip compared to the newer latch that is much bigger lip.


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They bricked all pre-recall Karmas with a firmware update, if you had/have one you won't be able to fly it.

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