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Multiple Drone(age)

Do you own more than one drone?

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Aug 3, 2017
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Horsham PA
Does anyone have more than one drone they use - other than two Karmas?

Would think most of us bought the Karma because of the GoPro camera but I'd love to know how the other manufactures stack up on drone, contoler (functionality), camera (pic & video), stabilizer, etc performance.
I prefer DJI products. I have owned several and they are rock solid. My Phantom2 uses my GoPro in its ZenMuse gimbal. I also own an Autel X-Star Premium. I used to build my own years ago but modern UAV's come with so much packed in them for a small price in comparison to the tech. As it stands, DJI is the king in the consumer drone market and for good reason. Yes their customer service can be tough to deal with sometimes, and they do restrict their software, I think others will follow suit and DJI will remain at the top for a while. DJI has many third-party apps also which is another reason they are so popular. We have other manufacturer drone sites listed at the bottom of this page if you ever get curious. :D
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I prefer the Karma for portability and video/photo capabilities. I prefer my QAV540G frame that I built up for long range stuff. I have 2 axis gimbals so not quite as smooth as Karma but I also use UHF for control and 1.3 GHz for video and have ability to go out 4 or 5 miles based on battery capacity. I didn’t say I have done that and I do have ham license.

I have flown a few DJI products but I prefer my own setup for what it foes and the Karma for what it does.

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