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crash sensors


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Jan 21, 2019
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Has anyone heard when they will be getting updates for crash sensors on the karma???
No I have never heard this at all.
when we bought our karma at best buy the salesman mentioned he read some where that they were working on it.
I’m not aware of any further development on the Karma.

Crash sensors are hardware that would have to be physically installed in the device.

I would say the chance of the rumors from the sales person being accurate are pretty close to zero. Gopro has laid off almost all the drone related staff. It would truly be a surprise if they were to develop another drone.

I’ve heard rumors they are dropping out of the 360 market too, but I read an article just today, in which Nick Woodman is teasiing a new updated version of the Fusion. I have t heard any similar rumors about the Karma Drone.
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I think the sales people in the market would like to attract more sales by saying that kind of rumors, but who knows the fact behind, my personal opinion is Gopro should watch the trend of UAV which will be more usage definitely not long in the future.
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The main rule "Do not rush your fences!" Be slow and methodical, make sure you have a strong GPS, the slightest metal object close or buried can make a difference. Batteries are getting hard to obtain, so are other parts like the main body and legs. Thank goodness I have spares if required.
They've, for intents and purposes, abandoned the Karma platform - surprised we are still getting software updates and replacement parts.
Hi Surfdog,
Would your location be Horsham, Sussex? My old QTH was Cookham, Berkshire.
Sorry Surfdog, That was a Ham Radio slip of the tongue for a home address. Your Horsham was most likely named after the town in Sussex, England, by the Pilgrim Fathers.
HAHAHA figured as much - I'm pretty sure 90% of the US was named after our Founding Fathers hometown locations, Well maybe not the left side of the Country... I'm in Real Esate and have several Google alerts set up for Horsham (minus UK) and still get alerts from there. Also run a FB online yard sale site and probably have a few dozen users from the UK, thinking that's where we are.
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Here is a thought Surfdog, seeing the business you are in, an aerial shot of the property for sale could stimulate more buyers to your door.
We have a Horsham here in Oz too. In the state of Victoria. Great snow skiing there.
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Sampling of a few we done...

Plus we used a bunch of footage for the HERO video on one of our websites: www.REODifferent.com


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Great perspectives.
If you take pictures with any quad and use them for a business like done above you legally need a 107 license.

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Sorry Surfdog, That was a Ham Radio slip of the tongue for a home address. Your Horsham was most likely named after the town in Sussex, England, by the Pilgrim Fathers.

Nice to meet an OM here! I an active HAM radio operator, too. My favourite mode is DMR at 70cm.

Jeez sure wish there were some avoidance sensors. Two weeks ago I was using follow me mode while hanging on the back of a skidoo.... thought I was obstacle-free... except for two huge pines. Whew after watching the vid I saw I went between them.
Lesson learned... scope out your area well before flying the Karma. :)

Here is the full vid shot with Karma Grip and Drone
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