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Replacement of the Broken Parts


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Dec 22, 2017
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Hi all,
I bought my Karma drone in US. Done few test flights there in open field and it looked all good. Got few good shots, was happy and took it back with me to India.
First flight in India, did calibration. Downloaded local map, GPS connected, all good. First flight went on well. Second flight, changed battery (Both battery were tested earlier) re-calibrated (I do it before every flight) and took off (auto launch) after reaching a height of prob 35-40 ft, it just dropped off. Fell like a rock. Shattered to pieces.

Shared all info with GoPro, they said one motor spiked drawing more power and weakening the parallel motor and causing it for imbalance and crash. But they have agreed to replace the broken parts.

I have one issue. Now am in India, will they ship the parts to India? Or will they ship parts only to address in USA?
Any suggestions on this? Also my Hero 6 Camera switches on, but its cracked at few places. Its display is no more the same. I see a black shade at the bottom of the cam. they said they will replace only essential parts under one time exemption. Will they cover camera too? Or will have to buy a new one? Or Insist on sending a new cam too?

Any input will be helpful.

Thank You in Advance.

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