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Fireworks with Karma and Hero 6

Brilliant mate.

What settings were you using on the camera?

Hope to do this here in Adelaide this NYE.
Thank you!
Settings were: NightShot Photo, ProTune on, Exposure Auto. You just need to play around with the ISO. Try to keep it as low as possible. As soon as the preview photo looks blurry, take a higher ISO to get shorter exposure time. The drone keeps drifting in the air so you have to find the right relation between ISO an exposure time.
Most important: shoot in RAW!

After flying: Download Adobe DNG-Converter for free. Convert your RAW-Photos. Open Photoshop. Use the lens correction slider to remove the fisheye look. Remove chromatic aberrations by slider. Start playing around with all the other endless beautiful possibilities of RAW editing and have fun!

Good luck for NYE and I would be happy to see some photos.
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Cheers Phobos.

Must admit I have never worked with RAW files before.

I understand the files are quite large. I have a pretty big sd card in the camera though so should be ok.

Do you shoot "bursts" or single shot?

This would probably be an excellent time to use the passenger app and have one person flying the drone and the other person taking the pics/adjusting the settings etc.
When taking photos in night photo mode, the exposure time is about 5 to 10 seconds each photo. So there is no burst mode available. It’s very important that there is no wind and the drone does not drift during exposure because your photo will become blurry an useless.

Your idea with the passenger App sounds good. Did not test that yet.
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Your pics are nothing short of amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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