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Another person with pairing problems, except also flashy lights


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May 28, 2020
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I'm yet another person with pairing problems between the controller and the drone.

My drone sat in its case for around a year and had only been flown a couple times. Never crashed, no bad landing, or anything that might cause it to break.

I charged it up, updated the controller (Only the controller was shown as being available). Drone wouldn't detect controller and vice versa, so I unpaired the drone.

Now i just get stuck on the pairing screen alongside the flashing lights of pairing mode. However, one thing i can't find ANYWHERE on line, is a flashing i've never seen before. If the drone is powered on normally (non-pairing mode), After between 10 seconds - 1 minute, it starts going mental. The power light flashes rapid red alongside the underlights.
Posted video here
I can't find any info on what these lights mean (red slow flashing means lack of GPS but this isn't slow and is of course, going to have GPS issues :/ )

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I have the same issue, but mine wasn't setup that long. I just flew it a month or two ago.
I should imagine that flashing light sequence is a warning that the controller is not connected. DJI products have a similar warning. Did you get the problem sorted?
I have the same problem with mine and it won't pair. The lights flash like it's looking to pair but can't then starts flashing like crazy. I'm stuck and don't know what to do.
Ok been having a Similar issue with my Karma.
Ok all was working great last Sunday now will not connect to controller and camera tried re pairing as per gopro instructions no good rebooted and reinstalled controller as if new so deleated everythi.g and started again no good just flashing lights no pairing also drone turns on stabilizer doesn't or camera and drone will only turn off by pulling the battery out all being with WiFi connection and full batterys drone and everything was/is fully up to date with latest firmware.
Camera works fine with grip alone no issues.
Anyone solving this issue on to gopro as well and doing they suggest so far.
After having been through this myself and seeing lots of write ups and being an electrical engineer the only fix I see is replacing the mother board, a new body. They do not have any more from what I can tell. There seems to be no way to determine part or parts failing, but seem pretty consistent failure. One person is saying leaving things plugged up for a long time causes current leakage and component failure. That is not the cause. Your case is another example why not.

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