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20 minutes of flight time?


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Sep 26, 2018
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I've wondered about something ever since I got my Karma. It has never said I've had 20 minutes of flight time on the controller. Always 18 even right after a full charge is complete and even with brand new batteries. What gives? Is there an adjustment needed to the controller or is 20 minutes a lie?
I guess a lie. Mine always said 18 from day 1. Actual time very much depends on how “hard” you fly. There is no adjustment I am aware of and the controller uses the generated reading for low battery warning and then auto return (which can be overridden) but at critical level it will force auto land. (Don’t push it and be over water or almost as bad over trees.)

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Maybe it gives us 2 minutes grace to allow return and landing etc. So it doesnt completely run down....
I never push trying to get that last few moments. My average flights are always under 12 minutes. and then I get the warning that the batteries are too low for takeoff. usually shows about 2 minutes remaining, today I it was at 4 remaining but said to low for takeoff.
Also distance is a lie. they say 9000+ which is about 1.75 miles. Ya right, I was flying over my home town and the signal was in the red at around a half mile without any obstacles what so ever. I've notice the distance was a lie out in the country where I usually fly to. It's not about power lines or man made stuff that interferes.... I do live at around 6500 elevation so maybe that could have something to do with all these things. Don't know....
Highest I have seen it was 19 minutes. That was when I unplugged the battery straight from my car charger and stuck it into the drone. That was the one and only time. I only see 18 minutes right after I charge the battery at home, and usually in the field I only see 16-17 minutes max.
The difference between 18 shown and 20 advertised is not NOT 2 min. reserve.

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