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My GoPro Karma- got "POSSESSED" lost its connection & crashed


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Jul 5, 2018
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My Drone got possessed and just flew and crashed against a neighbors house on its own... 20 feet up
It broke all the propellers blades
I called support to complain...
unable to tell me why the drone suddenly lost its connection with the controller
They send me blades replacements and told me to update it...and that's that!
Here I'm with a drone with just 3 flights ...less than 15 minutes flight time altogether...
after paying a lot of money...
here I'm
afraid to even try to fly it again
thinking that it will crash on its own somewhere on a nearby lake ...
and I'll never see it again...

So I decided to sell it and keep just the camera
After carefully inspection...the place where you lock the camera in the drone is bent to the side...
Can anyone tell me how to replace or fix that? is the housing that locks the camera in the drone itself...
I guess when it crashed, it got bent
I just need to fix it and sell my drone on ebay...and cut my losses

Please, anyone has experience with this?
need advice
Thanks in advance


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My first Karma, bought June 2017, behaved the same way as you describe. After several crashes, it was replaced. My second Karma lost GPS signal compass and radio contact, and disappeared in the Norwegian mountains. Customer rights (I hope the word is correct) is very strong in Norway, and I got a new Karma. The third Karma lost radio contact at 15 meters altidtude, but I was able to land it when radio contact was re-established. The third drone was returned to the dealer, and I got my Karma #4 in March 2018. I have had no problems with my fourth Karma, in other words, Karma has got 25% success.

Link to my latest Karma video:
Did you update the entire system with the latest firmware, first thing after purchasing the outfit? Do you have a subscription to GoPro plus? With GoPro plus, I think you are covered or insured for failures. Was everything fully charged and ready to go? I would try customer service at GoPro again, they should ask to see your flight logs, hopefully you will get to the right person who will help you. Keep trying !! Good luck !!
Same thing happen to me about 3 months back. Totall went crazg and crashed into a tree. Total loss as even the motors broke off somewhere. GoPro was absolutely unwilling to help as they claimed they had all been fixed in the recall. I think they missed one.
The housing looks OK but the joint is twisted. There‘s a spring inside. You need to open the drone and put the joint and the spring back in place.

@Knut : very nice footage!!!

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