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Jul 27, 2019
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I figured it was finally time to join. I've loosely followed some posts here and wanted to be a part of the community. My name is Anthony and I'm from Syracuse, NY. I have a Karma with a Hero 6 and 7. I have about a year of combined experience flying drones and actually have a range extender on the way! I almost learned the hard way that you have to calibrate it every time you fly since I lost connection with the GPS and then the controller in a flight during my first week. Thankfully I ran into the woods just far enough for it to reconnect and come back a few minutes later. I thought it would be interesting for everyone to post my video of that as a my first post so here it is. Enjoy!

EDIT: Unfortunately I deleted the other files from this flight. I'm not sure how fast it went, but you can see where it starts to take off around 2:05 and where it gets REALLY bad around 2:45.

Wow, glad you got it back!

Should upload via the GoPro app so you get the flight path, sound and stats; be interesting to see what happened.
I wish I still had the original files. I would have loved to see the flight path. I was new to the Karma at the time and didn't even realize that I could do that so I just took the video file and deleted the rest unfortunately.

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