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What a haul...


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Feb 27, 2019
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Virginia Beach, VA
In my search to get spare parts before they're completely unavailable - I found an eBay listing for 5 crashed Karmas (all of them damaged) with an "unknown" status of operation. $175. I decided to roll the dice, figuring if I can get some landing gear or arms out of them, I'd be in good shape. They came today. After a couple hours with a screw driver, I now have:
  • (2) Complete, fully operational Karma Drones (minus the stabilizer)
  • (1) Body which I still need to test its operation (have to pull all the crap off one of the other two)
  • (3) Sets of landing gear
  • (2) Rear arms (one left, one right)
  • (1) Cap to cover the LED lights on the bottom of the arms.
I'd say I totally made out. I'm kicking around the idea of selling the landing gear/arms/body on eBay and getting my money back, or keep them as spares. No matter what, I am definitely prepared for any crash short of crashing into the bay/river (very likely where I live). The other two Karma bodies were completely trashed, and I didn't mess with them at all.
Great haul mate!
Well shopped. ;)
Did this have any controllers? I've thought about buying one of the refurbs from GoPro direct and parting out the rest (grip, controller) just so I have an extra drone. Without the stabilizer you can't fly so the question is do I part out the stabilizer (figuring that a crash might destroy that as well). Of course the grip needs the stabilizer as well.
They only came with bodies, arms and landing gear. No stabilizers, blades, or controllers. I took the two I've built up from the parts and flew them today. No problems.
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Would you want to possibly sell the arm led cover/cap I am missing one.


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