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[SOLD] Karma Available for Parts

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Long story below. tl;dr: complete Karma available (minus the camera) for $100.

I crashed my Karma a year and a half ago. January in the US Midwest. It crashed thru a thin layer of ice on the river, and was submerged for about 15 minutes in 8 inches of cold water. The Camer mount detached and did not submerge.

I disassembled it right away and let it sit for a couple months before putting it back together to try it out. And it worked! Well, sort of. I'm quite sure I fried the battery. so I bought a used one. That one lasted for a couple of long flights, but I learned that the camera gimbal was knocked out of calibration and I haven't figured out how to make it point straight ahead. It currently aims the camera about 10-degrees to the right. So when you watch the controller display and think you're flying straight, you're actually making a gradual left-hand turn.

All four motors work fine. I have an extra set of propellers or two. The controller has been updated to the most recent available version.

The kit includes the GoPro Karma backpack case and the hand-held "steady-cam" mount. There are 2 batteries with it, but neither one seems to be working...

Asking $100.
100 dollars?

if i were close by i wouldve bought at an instant.
Oh, and also: the Karma has a set of brand new Master Air Screw propellers (see photos). They were new as of the flight I dumped the drone. Props are in great shape in spite of the crash.
Can you describe which harnesses you have and if their condition?
The harness in the photo is for a Hero4. It has a few nicks, but works fine. I bought the Hero4 harness with the Karma. The Hero5 harness that came with the Karma is in the Hero4 Harness box -- never been used.

I should also mention that I have accepted an offer to buy the whole setup. I'll update the Subject line with "sold" when I receive payment. Or reply again if that deal falls thru.
This is so nice deal

I would def have bought this if it was close.

btw. Im retiring my karma for winter. Next year it should wakeup

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