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Had my first crash


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Mar 22, 2020
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Oh well.

what can i say. It sadens me to see my karma flipped all by istelf right after touch down.

so here goes.

everything was well. Flew well and stable.

until i decided to land it.
It landed smoothly (or was about to) then it slowly drifted to the left.

i decided to land it anyways since it was like 3 cm from the ground anyways and it wasnt the first time it drifted when im low to the ground and landed safe.

Not this time. I was on a pavement on the side walk and i descended slowly.
5 cm fromthe ground it was stable for 2-3 seconds.
then i started to drift. I decided to land it and it landed on all four points of the landing gear for like 1-2 seconds.
For whatever reason it decided to roll left and stayed there.

then suddenly it boosted a bit, grabbed the front left arm to the pavement and sent the drone throwing itself 180 degress over its back.

Wife saw my face from happy down to a very long face.

all three props are out execpt for the propeller on the same arm that grabbed the pavement that survived the crash with a bit of a scuff on the ends.

i turned it off, walked back to my sitting bench and unscrew all props.

went back again and started the drone to test if it was functional.

by damn luck it did.

camera worked, karma worked. All connections worked. Gimbal was a bit banged with abit of scuffs and tiny dents but to my surprise, it didnt affect the funtion of the tilt-pan-roll of the gimbal.
I was noticably yawed a bit to the left.
Calibrated the gimbal fixed it. Horizon was straight surpisingly.

flew it the next day with a second set of props minus the props that survived and used that anyways.
It was all fine.

this machine can take a bit of beating.

wanted to buy one more last week complete with everything and 2 batteries for 250 usd but lost it at auction for 370.
My budget was 300-320 tops.
Good save mate!

Are you in the US?

Have fun!
Glad to hear it was only a minor crash. I have certainly had a few close calls with The Karma myself. Even a slightly uneven landing (or landing on a sidewalk crack) has caused the props to brush against the ground, and I eventually replaced all of them.

I am currently flying the original Mavic Air. It fits in the palm of my hand so I usually just land back in my hand when I am done. Lately...I've had a bit of a problem taking off from my hand.... or hand launching.... not sure why that is happening... but I like the fact that I am not getting the dust, dirt, etc, in my drone when I am landing. The Karma was just a bit too big for me to ever take that kind of a chance with...
Yeah. I love the karma.

but here im not sure why it decided to go on its side on an even surfaced gutter with almost no wind at all.

it was a weird feeling when i saw that the drone just rolled 30 degrees to the left and stayed that way for like 2 seconds and just decided to fly off itself, grabbing an arm on the edge of the gutter and flipped 180 degrees on its back.

iv never hand launch or hand land my drones.
I happen to have thesame setup as you shon.
I also have the mavic air 1.
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I also had a strange incedent when landing some time ago. Tested landing multiple times at our lawn ( grass) then I tried to land at our driveway but half a meter (1,5 foot) from the ground the Karma went sideways by it self straight inte the trailer hitch on our mobile home. I was lucky, only some scratch on the propeller blade surfaces. I think the reason for the sideway motion was that the cable feeding the mobile home with 230V power for refrigerator, battery charger and more was on the ground some feet from where I tried to land.

Perhaps there where electrical cables under the pavement where you tried to land?

Kind Regards,
(Also from Sweden)
Hi fredrik,

About the cables under the gutter, that i cannot answer.
It was not the first time i flew and land on the same spot.

what i dont understand was, the drone touched down for like 1-2 seconds then rolled 30degrees to the left and stayed there a couple mire secondswhile still ramping down the rpm and suddenly it just boosted.

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