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To hand catch or not to hand catch?


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Jul 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
To hand catch or not to hand catch? That is the question.

Anyone tried this or does it regularly?

Any tips? (LMAO! except finger tips)
the one thing you should avoid is accidentally folding the legs.
otherwise, you should be fine.
check video examples on YT and try different grabs when the drone is off to find the most suitable for you.
you need to have a firm grip placing your fingers on the bottom of the drone, you might rest some of them against the legs or you could do without it.
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Yes, cheers for that mate.
I have been looking at yt.
My first hand recovery was needed due to having to shimmy up a rock face to get proper GPS in a canyon and the canyon floor being full of silty dirt.

I seem to have good success with grabbing one landing gear by hooking my thumb through it and placing my fingers firmly on the bottom of the drone. Once I grab I use my other hand to hold the throttle down.
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I started hand catching after the second flight with my Phantom 2 about three years ago. Tipped it over on landing and busted a prop, after that just grabbed a leg in the air and never busted another prop. Its been a bit more of a challenge with the Karma, so far I place my hand flat palm up and then slide thumb and pinky into the landing gear on each side to keep it in place as I shut off the props with other hand. I was considering removing the landing gear and designing and 3D printing some replacements that would be easier to grab.

Most stories I hear of simple crashes are on landing so I decided long ago to just hand catch and avoid that whole nuisance. Most times I'm flying in areas where there no good place to land anyway, boats, cliffs, field with tall grass, etc.
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Had to a few times when the GPS went haywire; wouldn't attempt if it was crashing down at speed but on hover, it wasn't a problem. Although, the pic of the guy losing a piece of finger, a few weeks back, may act a deterrent in the future :O)
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