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Still Flying

Nice clip.
How did you store your karma? Did you detach the drone battery along with the camera from the gimbal?

did you take off the gimbal from the drone aswell?

how many months did you store your drone for?
thanks for the reply. This confirms my theory.

karma suffers from suddendeath where when stored for long periods, it would die and not connect to gimbal to drone, vice versa or both.

the only fix would be to change the gimbal and or the drone core itself.

you were lucky that you took out the battery and the camera.

leaving those in had me a theory that it was the backlash of current from drone battery/camera battery that kills the circuitry of the drone.

i always write down the date of the last time i flew the karma. That way i know when to take off the batteries if i lose interest of flying it for awhile.
So true I just had a new gimbal , harness and core replaced because I hadn’t flown in three months. One month before my warranty expired. Take all batteries out when you store. It’ll make a difference.
Derek, a beautiful video man. I agree, I wish gopro had carried on with their drones. I loved that they created a whole system with the camera, gimble and drone and I think they could really have taken that further

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