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Jan 25, 2018
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I purchased a drone for my stepson and it flew off and hit a tree. I bought myself a Karma Hero 5 and I'd like to fly it with him but I have some concerns about flying it in our neighborhood, so here's my questions. I'm a noob so be kind.
I've read a lot of lost GPS wild drones flying off, was the issue in regards to not getting a cell/Sat signal or was it an unobstructed path from my controller to the Karma?
Will I be able to fly it over a few blocks out of site and still have a signal to control it or should we get up on the roof so we can see it the entire flight?
Am I better of taking it to a park with no trees and flying it and not risking flying it in the neighborhood at all?
Thanks in advance
GPS signal is based on satellite reception and controller and aircraft independent in that regard. Loss of signal DOES NOT RESULT IN FLYOFF. I know many have said so here. I have lost signal a few times and the Karma is completely possible to fly but if you have never flown without GPS stabilization you will have really big issues flying.

It is illegal to fly out of site. If in neighborhood depending on block size you would have to be pretty low to be out of site in a couple of blocks. That all brings up issue of flying over people. Yep I have flown in city but carefully restricted radius and height for many reasons. In city you hVe a huge amount of WiFi interference which is the control link. Loose that and Karma should head back as long as GPS functional.

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