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Lost connection 1-6-18


Jan 6, 2018
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Got a karma GoPro hero 5 as a Christmas present. I have flown plenty of drones but none this heavy, so I wanted to learn as much as possable about it before I flew it. Upgraded all software. Learned how to calibrate. No problem so far. I decided to take it out try and fly it. Flew for 14 mins. With 4 mins to land no problem. Next day set it up and started to fly 5 min into flight, 25 ft away and 6 ft off the ground it said connection lost and fell like a ton of bricks. Even though I was able to restart it after I cleaned it off, and flew it for about 10 min I decided that everything l read about it was true. I called my son an asked him for the receipt so I could take it back while it was still working. Best Buy said I was two days to late. Anyone else had the same problem with lost connection problems and will GoPro take this thing back?
Events like this are probably the real reason GoPro is exiting the drone market. Stock is way down today following the news on Friday. Flyaways and fall-from-sky is happening too often to be a fluke. Supposedly customer support remains but what they really need is software development and bug fix. I think we're screwed.
Are you certain you inserted battery correct. Sounds like original problem , just my 2 cents. My karma is down now waiting for dreaded stabilizer swapout. Maybe your stabilizer failed have you tried re arming motors since incedent. Stabilizer failure will not let motors start....again no negatives directed towards you just trying to help problem solve, good luck....

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