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Karma props out of alignment!


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Mar 18, 2018
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I bought my second karma due to a price I couldn't resist, but one of the blades was loud, as if in a constant strain. I checked alignment and they are all over the place as far as being on the same plane would go.
My original karma is perfectly flat across all four blades.
Do the motors have to be desoldered to remove them so I can shim under each to align them?
Did you buy it new? Extra strain on the engines could cause engine failure. Gopro customer support should be able to analyze the issue, and offer free repair or replacement if your drone is under warranty.
Yes, I bought it new, if any of the ones left are actually new..
Rather than be told the lie that they are supposed to be that way, I dealt with it successfully myself.
Laying on a flat surface, landing gear up and arms out, props in place aligned front to back, I measured the distance from the tip of each prop with a digital caliper and recorded eight measurements.
I did the same with my older karma, and compared the two.
Surprisingly, two of the props numkbers were almost identical between the two birds, front right and rear left. The one other was tilted the right way, but too far, the last one, the obvious one was tilted the wrong way altogether.
I found some tiny lockwashers no larger than the mounting screw head diameter and used them as shims.
One shim in the correct corner of each motor mount gave me a very lucky result when tightened and measured again.
Problem solved.
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Like as Shon said, I believe you have been "Sold a Pup!" Check the arms for hair line cracks, as I suspect where the arms meet the drone body is where you will find the problem.
I should have let you guys know that the first I checked was the arms for cracks or warpage, they were actually straight and true, the motor on the worst one was obviously tilted at an odd angle in relation to the arm end.
The shim job has solved the problem as far as I'm concerned.
I have no explanation as to how or why the motors were mounted badly.
When you mount white props on a drone, their angles of thrust becomes noticable!

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