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Second karma drone out of action

Rory J

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Dec 15, 2019
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After some weeks of working great my and drone is in trouble.
Went out to shoot some aerial footage and powered all up as usual, drone controller connecting fine and camera too just waited for it find GPS signal then ready for take off would not start at all say stabilizer error reboot still an issue call custommer support,Sunday so will do tommorow and see if they call me back this time ?,still waiting for last week's return call ? symptoms now are it will not power up at all,trying different batterys all to no avail just in case.
So I now have 2 drones down and very sad about it gimble works great by the way in the grip no issues there.
Anyone else having same complaints ?
I have same problem so i decided to sell my karmas for parts :)
Sadly This will be the case unless gopro can come up with a solution.
They wont - the issue is well known for at leat 2 years ... interesting that issue went very serious just after 2020 firmware update and gopro just doesnt care. And yeah thats sad because i really enjoyed karma in some aspects |(IMHO) it is still better than mavics ( similar price mavics)
I also really like my Karma when flying it has some really great features combined with the cameras excellent,but seems it going to become a piece of failed history.
I hope to talk with support and get some sense there so far not getting any proper help.
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Yup, pretty sure we are all on borrowed time! :mad::mad:

BTW, I frequently get the stabilizer error; my cure, typically, is to remove the stabilizer/camera assembly, blow out the Karma female piece, reinsert and make sure the lock ring is seated firmly. Works 93.7% of the time :O)
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