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Karma back up and running

Rory J

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Dec 15, 2019
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Hello again Karma colleagues.last time I had splashed my Karma and gone for a swim to recover it from a cold North Atlantic Ocean.(See my Karma hates water post)
Having retrieved the drone which was a mixed blessing in that I was broken and there was not good Karma.:(
So I got home flushed everything out and became somewhat positive again, after getting deep and personal with my Karma.
I am very very impressed with the build quality and construction of the drones,but sadly the only things I was able save were the cameras micro sd card,and battery.teh casinging and some non electronic hardware.
So I set about getting replacement parts and this to be honest was near impossible, in the end to be thankful to ebay and the 2 ex karma owners who had crashed there drones into trees or something not water.
From these I was able to salvage all the parts needed and rebuild another drone.
I am now the owner of 3 karma bags 3 controllers,2 grips.and a good few bits and pieces the gimbal was replaced by gopro but I happy to report that I am now up and flying these great drone s again.:)

RoryJGopro shot of Gokane  and Trabiog (2).jpg
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Welcome back!! I ran into the same kind of situation after my first Karma went wild and I never saw it again. Then I crashed a 2nd one but was able to reuse most of it.
I now have 2 complete Drones and 3 controllers, 3 handheld stabilizers and 3 cases, LOL.
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