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I had no idea the Karma could "Fly" underwater

Tough little buggas aren't they! LOL
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I would think a chance of surviving fresh water immersion but years ago I fished out a guys drone from a bayou as they call them here and lights still flashing etc. As I held it up to show owner and disconnect battery one of the motors smoked. Would not have thought that. Who knows.

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Sorry your drone crashed but the footage is pretty cool!

Wasn’t my drome, just a crash video I found on YouTube. This pilot made some incredibly rookie mistakes. I’m guessing the drone was pretty new to them. I’ve been fortunate that I have never crashed my Karma.

Anecdotally the Karma had a very small chance of surviving a fresh water landing, and almost no chance If it lands in salt water.

I’ve also seen folks recover their camera, even though the drone is otherwise a complete loss. Since you remove the water proof cover in order to connect the camera to the gimbal, it isn’t a given that the camera would even be recoverable.
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