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GoPro Karma Release Today!


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Nov 20, 2015
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Hey all! The GoPro Karma will be unveiled today at 12 Noon EST. Check it out at http://gopro.com. Will it live up to the hype?

Let's use this as the official Karma release thread so we don't create a dozen different threads about the release.

Let's roll!
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Looks like a great enhancement for gopro enthusiasts. Clearly much more portable and simple than other full featured drones and yet 1000x better than the "selfie" drones coming to marketing.
It looks very interesting. It is also a decent set of features with a very competitive price. I would love to see all the specs for it! :)
Yep the web site is up and running,well strolling along slowly,very slowly,but the specs look good.Karma Battery Specs.JPG Karma Controler Specs.JPG Karma Specs.JPG
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for those that missed it, here is the showcase video...

With GoPro being such a household name, maybe this will start a price war among the big players. This may drive the average consumers who never even heard of DJI or 3DR to GoPro and the next thing you know we'll be seeing ole Aunt Millie flying over houses while the grandkids pull at her legs. Something I am not looking forward to.

One thing I know for sure. GoPro cust support beats DJI's hands down.
I like that the stabilizer Grip is a stardard inclusion with the Karma system and not an extra and that a range of GoPro cameras can be used with it.Compatible with HERO 4,HERO 5 and Session 5.
The Grip is waterproof too so that puts it ahead of most of the other hand held stabilizers on the market.
I think the prices are reasonable as well with the Karma package being $1195au.Not sure if that is with a camera or not now,web site is too slow and a bit glittchy at the moment.
Not available until October 23,4 days after my birthday,so I have time to stash some cash away and spoil myself.
Some of the replacement parts are pricey with an arm at $80au,but it includes the motor,$150au for a battery so compatible with Phantom 3/4 and $35au for a pair of props.
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I liked what I saw in the Karma launch myself. And I think it's a bonus that it can use a GP4, Session or a GP5, so not locking everyone into one camera platform.

One thing I couldn't determine if the new GP5 would use a rectilinear lens or a fish eye lens, does anyone have any solid data on this yet?

It sure would be nice if the fisheye was gone to save a lot of PP work.

I liked all the specs I saw, but there was limited specs on the GP5 so far.
One thing I couldn't determine if the new GP5 would use a rectilinear lens or a fish eye lens, does anyone have any solid data on this yet?
The specs for the HERO 5 has a new addition to the FOV options,Linear,so you should be happy about that.
It shoots RAW photos too,I'm happy about that.
OH i didn't see that. I looked at their web site and didn't notice the specs yet. I wonder if it's done in software? Yes, raw is nice, but a linear lens would be good too.

A software correction could be a bit soft, but who knows until we see it.
It's in the camera settings with the other field of view options.HERO 5 & Session 5 Image Specs.JPG
Linear available in 2.7K,1080p,720p.
Oh too bad, it's probably a crop mode or a software option. I was hoping for one of the more rectilinear lenses.

This is not bad news, just not what I was hoping for.
Nobody said anything but is the drone waterproof or resistant at all? Being designed for an action can I'm sure it is going to spend a lot of time over water and it only take one dunk to kill it. And no the motors do not need to be sealed, they can go under water fine. Yes you will need to dry them and put some oil on the bearings but that is nothing compared to replacing the whole drone for $400. Yes there are sealed drones out there that can even move around underwater. I do not want to run it under water I just want it to survive an unexpected water landing/crash.
Any idea if Follow-Me included in the software? It seems like that would be a big miss for GoPro to not include that.

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