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  1. K

    Ochkham Cricket Club, Surrey, UK

  2. D

    Karma battery fault

    Hey, guys. So I bought myself a GoPro Karma Drone a couple of weeks ago off Ebay and the battery was not charging. It was blinking 4 times and going off. Today I received my new battery that I ordered new from the GoPro site but I seem to be having the same problem. Do you think it's the...
  3. L

    Karma Hero 6 for Close-Up Inspections??

    Hello Dronies, Wanted to know if anyone has experience using the Karma to shoot video of close-ups. I am finding that it is pretty tricky to get in close enough to get a close-up shot of, let's say a part on a high-tension cable. Does the DJI Phantom 4 have better capabilities for a job like...
  4. I

    GPS Lost Soon After Take Off

    My eighth Karma flight and my first bad experience. Some of my friends were heading out on a RIB so I planned to position Karma mid channel and video them leaving the Harbour. However, soon after takeoff the controller said something like "Karma GPS lost use joysticks" while Karma kept heading...
  5. goproguy

    Ocean Kiss

    There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the beach, no matter how many times it's sent away...
  6. Joshohoho

    La Union, Philippines Beach Dronie

    No filter, i will get better at editing :)
  7. Joshohoho

    Hello from Austin, Texas.

    Hello all. Im glad I found a Karma drone forum. Ive owned a gopro since 2012 and upgraded to a hero5 and wanted a drone so I "needed" the karma. I don't think its the best drone for the money but like everyone says on other threads, it kinda makes sense if you have a gopro camera, just want to...
  8. Shon

    Karma Flight School: Karma Drone Lost connection

    In this thread I will be analyzing crash videos in an effort to learn more about the limitations of technology in the Karma Drone, and how to avoid such issues myself. Hopefully such analysis will help us all fly better and avoid potentially problematic flights. I'm interested in hearing from...
  9. Shon

    Karma Flight School: How to D.I.Y Crash your Drone

    I thought it might be an interesting exercise for aspiring pilots or novice pilots to study these types of crash videos in an effort to avoid making the same type of mistakes. Perhaps his expensive loss can save others from making the same mistakes? Perhaps experienced pilots can share tips and...
  10. U

    Hovering over water

    How low can you fly Karma, or a drone for that matter, over a body of water? Like for example a beach.
  11. fhamilton

    Distance/Altitude Reduction in Follow Mode

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is possible to deactivate the safety mode with 10m height and 10m distance in follow mode. I want it to follow lower and closer. Thanks in advance Fredrik
  12. G

    Traveling with Karma Drone (Airplane)

    Can anybody give me some tips on flying with the Karma drone. How to get through security, did you have to check bag or keep it with you on plane as carry-on, did you have to seperate battery or any of the components? I am going to Colorado next month and was thinking about buying the Karma for...
  13. D

    Best Backpack to carry my Drone

    Hi Guys, Im travelling to Canada in June and was thinking about taking my drone (I know Im not allowed to fly it in national parks). Was just wondering whats the best packpack to use for carry on? I have the karma case but that doesn't fit everything I want i.e laptop and the seeker looks a lot...
  14. V

    Scary Karma

    Hello everybody I just would like to say hello. I got my Karma with a Hero6 for christmas. Unfortunatly at the third flight, the Karma crashed (with over 90km/h) into the woods. GoPro was quit nice and is sending me a replacement. However, due to this accident, i got online and searched for...
  15. P

    Unable to calibrate accelerometer

    May I have some assistance with the following issue please? Flying recently, after compass calibration and for no known reason, my Karma's gave an error stating that it was unable to maintain altitude and to land it manually. This was NOT preceded by a GPS lost message, however as I returned...
  16. D

    Karma with Hero6: blank controller screen during flight

    Just purchased a Karma with Hero6 (11/25/17). When I'm ready to take off everything is working fine (Version 2.0). What the camera sees is, in fact, on the controller screen. As soon as I hit the record button on the controller, the camera feed goes BLACK on the controller screen. The camera...
  17. B

    Any other gimbal possible?

    Hi folks, I’m planning to buy the GoPro karma. since I already have the feiyu tech g5 Gimbal I was wondering if I can use this one with the karma drone as well. Probably not, I didn’t find anything online but for sure you guys can help me with this question. Thanks a lot in advance...
  18. HeWhoAngersYou

    St Augustine lighthouse raw footage

    un edited video footage of St Augustine lighthouse, enjoy
  19. HeWhoAngersYou

    I have had enough of GoPro so called support

    This was the last e-mail transmission to the SUCK that is GoPro support. After approx 15-18 E-Mail exchanges and the run around with NOTHING getting resolved this is what it has come to....... I have requested on numerous occasions on what you have found with the information I have already...