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  1. P

    Help with Motherboard, I need a Photo

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to help a friend with his motherboard. We are located in Argentina so things are not really easy, found someone who can repair it but we need to know the piece/controller. Can someone tell me the code or piece I need (See photos attached) or upload a high quality...
  2. C

    Karma back left propeller motor not working

    I sunk my drone but still got it out of the CT River in 30 degree weather. Talk about almost getting frost bite! But when I got it home, I dried it out but wasn't patience enough and some water was still in it. Long story short the back left motor started smoking and it fried something on the...
  3. K

    Ochkham Cricket Club, Surrey, UK

  4. D

    Karma battery fault

    Hey, guys. So I bought myself a GoPro Karma Drone a couple of weeks ago off Ebay and the battery was not charging. It was blinking 4 times and going off. Today I received my new battery that I ordered new from the GoPro site but I seem to be having the same problem. Do you think it's the...
  5. D

    Cleaning problem

    Hello, I have recently “cleaned” my GoPro equipment. Some of it I cleaned it with baby wipes because they have soap. Now after cleaning my karma grip and karma controller, they have what I believe they are stains from the soap. What can I do to clean it off? Any suggestion would be...
  6. qbap

    GoTravel Sicily 2018

    Hello friends :cool: I'm really excited to share with you my 2nd GoPro Karma video flight from Sicily - the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea, draws travelers with its diverse cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes. Sparkling sea, monumental mountains and varied landmarks are just...
  7. goproguy

    Beautiful tropical island - or is it?

  8. goproguy

    Ocean Kiss

    There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the beach, no matter how many times it's sent away...
  9. goproguy

    Stormy Sunset

    Only been at this drone thing for a couple of months now. Still struggling with settings and trying to get a good flat image to grade but getting frustrated. May go back to gopro colour til I get it sorted. Anyway's enjoy
  10. goproguy

    'The Pond' Safety Bay Western Australia

    Shot on the GoPro Hero 6 Black on the Karma Drone It's hard to imagine that just twenty years ago the sand spit now known as Tern Island didn't exist. Forming a semi-enclosed body of water it's now a haven for wildlife and recognised as one of the world's premier kite and windsurfing...
  11. Joshohoho

    Hello from Austin, Texas.

    Hello all. Im glad I found a Karma drone forum. Ive owned a gopro since 2012 and upgraded to a hero5 and wanted a drone so I "needed" the karma. I don't think its the best drone for the money but like everyone says on other threads, it kinda makes sense if you have a gopro camera, just want to...
  12. koshmar

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello everybody, recently purchased GoPro Karma and still waiting to test it (because weather is bad (windy and rainy) :mad: I hope I will have fun with the drone because I most certainly love my GoPro HERO5 and HERO6 :) If anybody have Instagram with their GoPro footage, comment your acc name...
  13. D

    Best Backpack to carry my Drone

    Hi Guys, Im travelling to Canada in June and was thinking about taking my drone (I know Im not allowed to fly it in national parks). Was just wondering whats the best packpack to use for carry on? I have the karma case but that doesn't fit everything I want i.e laptop and the seeker looks a lot...
  14. D

    GoPro Timelapse

  15. HeWhoAngersYou

    I have had enough of GoPro so called support

    This was the last e-mail transmission to the SUCK that is GoPro support. After approx 15-18 E-Mail exchanges and the run around with NOTHING getting resolved this is what it has come to....... I have requested on numerous occasions on what you have found with the information I have already...
  16. G

    Flying without GPS

    I got a little brave yesterday, and thought I'd share my story. My family and I took a hike to the bottom of a waterfall. Of course I carried my Karma kit so I could film the trek with the grip, and also took the drone "just in case". When we reached the bottom, I thought it would make a...
  17. HeWhoAngersYou

    F2 Tornado Damage spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida.

    This is drone footage of the damage from the F2 Tornado spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida. It's truly humbling to witness the Awesome and scary power of this event caused by Mother Nature. To see some places with so much damage and others untouched, it boggles the mind. I also...
  18. HeWhoAngersYou

    Todays test 10-01-17 after 2.0 updates

    Love how the page says "Bug Fixes" lets hope so....Today was very overcast and the new 2.0 firmware had been installed. Took this up to 700 feet and about 2800 feet away from controller with very little break up on screen, never lost contact. then upon returning to my location I took it to 1000'...
  19. R

    Sensor Error?

    A couple days ago I went out to fly the Karma Drone near the ocean... I waited for the GPS signal to acquire which it did. I was on a hiking trail going along the edge of a cliff. I sent it up in the air and got a few minutes in...Since I was on the edge of a cliff I let the drone hover for a...
  20. N

    My Karma drone fell out of the sky.

    Hi all, I am wondering if somebody had the same problem. I recently bought the GoPro Karma drone (30th of June 2017). After one week I was flying the drone. There was no wind or what so ever. Suddenly my Karma just fell out of the sky into a ditch! My retailer said that I could send it back...