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Controller red-circle button to start/stop videos and photos


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Sep 8, 2020
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I often struggle to properly start/stop video or take a photo with the controller button (red circle).
I've tried light taps, firm taps. longer presses, shorter presses.
The resulting action from the camera is inconsistent and seems to randomly accept my presses.
I press, check the flight screen to see if it's recording or taking the pic, tap, check again, press firmly, check again -- until the video or photo actually starts or stops.

Is this typical? Does anyone have any recommendations for how to press this button ONCE to start or stop the video/photo?
Good question mate.
I have had this problem too. It sucks when you thought you turned on video only to land and realise it wasnt recording. Now all I do is start the karma, start the controller, wait for them to connect and then launch the karma. Then as it is hovering in front of me I press the record button once and then check the screen to make sure it has started recording. Try not to press the button too many times. I am not sure but maybe there is lag in starting the video recording if the karma is a long way away from you??? As for still pics, I just get them from the video file.

Good luck.
yes. My hero 5 black does this but my hero 6 does not. Hero 6 is faster to respond my commands.
Also have similar issues where the media (on screen) button doesn't show and or is greyed out. In most cases I can shut down and restart (usually several times) and it starts working.

Seems these little idiosyncrasies are the norm with the Karma; guessing hardware/firmware updates will be nonexistent going forward!?
FYI I recently created a thread about cleaning contacts here: A Suggestion for cleaning contacts

I've now tested the controller "red button" functionality indoors (karma turned on but motors not running and controller across the house) and in four flights since cleaning my contacts, The red button works much more consistently now. It's responsive ~90 pct of the time now -- and pretty sure the 10% "misses" were during flights where the Karma was over 150ft high and 1,200+ ft away from the controller. Prior to this, my button presses were recognized at a rate well under 50%. Will keep an eye on this but definitely seems as if cleaning the Hero 7 ports, the gimbal camera connectors, the gimbal USB-C connector and the Karma USB-C connector may have vastly improved it.
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Now thats weird.
iv only experienced with 2 hero 5 blacks but not on a hero 6.
You defenitly have issues.
But if it works now then its all good.
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