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New Karma, tryin gto decide if I want to keep it


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Nov 30, 2017
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I got my Karma Thursday after Thanksgiving. Figured I had already blown too much money, might as well get something Ive been wanting for awhile. I flew it once Friday around the yard and it did fine. Later that afternoon, I took it out to fly and as soon as it took off and hovered for a sec, it immediately started going backwards all by itself. Luckily, from reading stories on here, it was only up around 8 ft and I was able to bring it back down. But right as it was about to land, one of the propellers caught the tire of my vehicle and flipped it over, busting all 4. No biggie, new ones were affordable. The thing that got me was why it wanted to go on its on. So Sunday, I go to fly it again. Made a few runs with it, everything seemed to go pretty good. Noticed that the screen on the controller would start "blipping" or acting up as it went out a little further, maybe 1/8th of a mile. But I took it up a little higher and seemed to help. Maybe a better line of sight. But the last time I flew it, I was trying to land it and it got to about 1-2 ft from the ground and when I would let go of the down control, it would fly up all by itself. When I held it down, it would go to about 1ft above the ground and would not go any lower. That was it. I had to put it over the grass and hold down until the battery dead and it fell the rest of the way. I actually tried pushing the power button while it was doing this, resulting in a 7 decent cuts forming a new spot on one of my fingers that looks kind of like a new knuckle. Then I tried actually just pushing down on it to put it on the ground. Not thinking that it would take this as maybe wind pushing it down and the motors turned faster trying to maintain its height.

Anyways, after reading some of the stories on here of them flying off on their own, I am considering taking it back and getting either the Mavic Pro or Pro Platinum. Drone wise, I like the smaller Mavick for travel reasons. But I like the hand held Karma grip that comes with the Karma drone and the HERO6, lol. But the Mavick videos look amazing as well. Im sure the HERO6 is the better camera of the two, but Im almost starting to think the DJI is a better drone with a good camera. Thoughts?
Is everything been updated as far as firm ware? If so go to go pro website they will have you upload your flight logs. Mine lost connection with the camera twice they looked at my flight logs they're sending me in a new stabilizer
Flight logs will explain everything and if a fault Gopro seemed to replace if you have a faulty unit. Sounds like you have made your mind up, go the mavic, if you don't have confidence in the karma its just not going to work for you. The Osmo gimbal looks to be a nice piece of kit, try that.
Got 60 flights up with the karma so far and all is good

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