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Aug 31, 2017
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for some reason, my GoPro isn't connecting to the karma... on the odd time it does work..

ANY IDEAS???????
Can you elaborate, because I'm not sure what you mean when you say "GoPro isn't connecting to the karma". Do you have any error messages? Are you not seeing the camera feed on the controller?

Without more information on what the specific problem is, we can't be of much help.
So some times when I turn the karma on, it Goes straight into the little drone logo on the front of the go pro, but a lot of the time it doesn't. Either the GoPro doesn't turn on at all. Or goes into the Bluetooth logo. I will try and attach some photos of it


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First things first: are all of the parts updated to the latest firmware?

At the time of writing, they are:

  • Camera: 2.51
  • Stabiliser: 1.50
  • Drone: 1.51
  • Controller: 1.51
Just created a case with GoPro on the loss of my Karma this morning. Two minutes into flight had power loss and 200 foot fall to asphalt. Drone is destroyed along with my Hero 4 Silver. Praying I get the service from them that I should. I studied this for a year before I made the decision and felt like they had resolved the issue with the original Karma launch. They have my flight logs,pictures and my YouTube page to view videos already published. Any advice from here would be greatly appreciated. The only thing that was heard from my controller was "Karma not communicating with camera" 2 seconds later it dropped.
Here is GoPro support answer to me.....
We apologize for delayed response. We just got new information about your flight logs analysis. Here are somekey points:
  • Based on flight log, it confirmed that there is a pitch from the controller meaning that the remote is still communicating with the drone.
  • There was no pre-flight calibration performed. It is a common practice in the drone community to calibrate whenever changing flight locations because it allows the drone to fully synchronize to the surrounding geographical environment.
  • In these situations, it is the user’s responsibility to take action in flying Karma without the position hold feature and land the drone manually and not rely on anything else.

Based on these information it appears that the drone crash was due to both environmental factors and user error. Due to these circumstances we won't bale to cover this under the warranty program. While your situation is not typically covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty, we’d like to extend our assistance and help you out in your current situation. That being said, we can provide you a one-time special exception by sending out courtesy Karma Propellers, Karma Harness and 40% discount towards a purchase of a new camera.  The Karma Core and Karma Stabilizer needs to be purchased directly from the website as a replacement part. Please let me know if you will need anything else.


Christopher R.
GoPro Support

Total bullshit.....I'm out everything....a years worth of saving. They have had their stock go from 80 something a share to 9 dollars a share. Well I wonder why.....
So, @adamsandle1984 those pics you posted are interesting.

The first one, with the USB logo on the status screen, is what I see when I power on my Hero5 when it's in the Karma Grip. That doesn't last long though - it switches back to the normal status view after startup (by that I mean it shows resolution, frame rate, etc.).

The second pic is stranger still. I can't find any details about what that means on a GoPro, but on an iPhone and any other Apple device it means "external display" (i.e. to "airplay" what you see on an iPhone to an Apple TV). I can only think that on a GoPro this is what you'd see if you plug in a mini-HDMI cable, which is what happens when it's plugged into the stabiliser.

I suspect that you've got either a faulty camera or a faulty stabiliser. If I were you, I'd try a few things out such as:
  • Use the Karma grip. Does everything work ok there?
  • Get your hands on a different Hero5 Black. Does it work ok in your stabiliser (attached to the drone or the grip)?
  • Might be tricky, but if you can find a shop with a Karma stabiliser, see if they'll let you put your camera in it and plug it into your grip/drone to see if that works.
If any of those reveal an obvious issue with either the stabiliser or the Hero5 Black, I'd get on the phone to GoPro and open a case with them. Stabiliser issues are not unheard of, and they'll likely replace it quickly under warranty.
Thanks for you help... I have a neighbour who has the gimbal and GoPro and they work perfectly...

I'm pretty sure I've found out what the problem is...

I took the GoPro out of the stabiliser to charge up and it would... and there was a lot of movement on the usb-c port....
so I've put it down to that... spoken to GoPro and have sent it back to them for a replacement...

Only down side it that there is a 10 to 15 day turnaround

With this being said, I am very tempest to purchase another GoPro of some sort to stop this happening again, as in leaving a hero 5 in the stabiliser permanently. Pulling the data via the wifi connection...

What are your thoughts????
Glad you've found what sounds like a solution.

If you're going to purchase a new camera, I'd suggest waiting a few weeks. Chances are the Hero6 will be announced some time in late September.
I was having trouble with the camera straight from the box. No pictures or video. Ended up removing the stabilizer from the drone, removing the camera from the harness, and finally rmoving the harenss from the stabilizer. Reassembled everything and now camera functions. It was odd that i could still see the camera view on the controller prior to removing and reconnecting everything. Jim
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I'm getting the Camera Not Found when I try to power up the GoPro Karma drone. After an hour with chat tech support I got them to send me a new harness. It came in and still same issue. I' m running 2.52 firmware in Hero5 camera. 2.0 on the drone and controller. Any ideas??
Yes I've taken harness off and even replaced it with a new one. The Karma grip works fine. Could some element of the drone itself not be functioning? The Hero5 camera works
fine and is up to date with firmware (2.51). Drone and Controller at ver 2.0 firmware.
So the problem I was having was it would connect the camera to the drone. I will attach some pictures I had before I changed the harness... as soon as I replaced the harness I’ve had no problems... I personally think the issue was the usb c port


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That's what I think the GoPro chat tech determined. However I still get the error message "Connect GoPro to fly". When I power up drone the harness/camera beep, I seed Connected to USB
for a short time in window and the stabilzer sets itself up for flight in a normal horizontal position. Then after 5 min or so the stablizer goes off and camera droops. The camera is still on.
Have you got a friend who has another stabiliser? That you could test to see what’s at fault. Process of elimination might be key!!!!!!! You in the UK???? I live near junction 15 of the M1, I’d be happy to try and help you out
Have you got a friend who has another stabiliser? That you could test to see what’s at fault. Process of elimination might be key!!!!!!! You in the UK???? I live near junction 15 of the M1, I’d be happy to try and help you out
That's not a bad idea to have another Karma and see what part is really malfunctioning! I live in Seattle, WA - Any Karma people around? PS: Adam, I'm spending New Years in London. Thought about bringing the drone but with all the excitement you guys are having don't think it's a good idea! :)

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