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Unable to calibrate accelerometer


Dec 6, 2017
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May I have some assistance with the following issue please?

Flying recently, after compass calibration and for no known reason, my Karma's gave an error stating that it was unable to maintain altitude and to land it manually. This was NOT preceded by a GPS lost message, however as I returned to land, a GPS Found message was given, (although it didn't feel that way). I landed safely, deciding it was probably an environmental issue.

The following day at home, where I am familiar with the environment, I calibrated my compass and took off, flying a frequently flown route. Within 15 seconds of lift-off, my Karma lost GPS and I had to wrestle it back to land.

A forum member suggested that I should calibrate the accelerometer, take a quick flight and then calibrate again and if the problem continued, that the landing gear may be faulty.

Ever since, I have been trying to calibrate the accelerometer. No matter where I do this, the calibration always fails. Sometimes the progress indicator behaves as expected, other times it seems to struggle to complete its cycle. Regardless, the result is always the same - unsuccessful calibration!

When calibration fails, if I attempt to try again, nothing happens at all. The initial indicator doesn't move at all and I have to exit out of the routine.

After exiting this procedure, I can usually still fly, although my controller give prompts out of sequence, eg, I'll get a ready to fly message and then after that, get my GPS signal indicator counting up to 90%

Today things got worse... I was still unable to calibrate the accelerometer and I was unable to take off with the controller stating a non-specified error.

All of my components are up to date. I did however receive a pseudo controller update on 2 Dec. The issue I have described began on 1 Dec.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

PS: I am sharing a single stabiliser between two Karma's. I can't imagine this is a contributing factor but may be worth mentioning. :)

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