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Thank you Andy


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Dec 9, 2017
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Newbie here from TX,

I have been researching into drones for a couple of years. Kids bought me a Zyma X5C drone last year for 2015 Christmas. I'm ready to expand my drone collection with a GPS drone. I was looking into a ARF drone (DJI F550) to build. But meeting with some of the drone Hobbyist in the area I was talked out of it.
Now I'm looking at the DJI phantom 4P and Mavic Pro. So I decided to go to a drone event to get some good advice. There was all kinds of different drones flying. Then I saw the Karma, WOW.
Talked to Andy (Karma Pilot) for the whole time there. I'm interested because I'm want to get a GoPro camera for our vacations. And I thought the Karma would be a perfect fit for me. But I did some research on the Karma in 2016, a lot of bad reviews so stopped looking at them. Andy said they fixed the battery issue and he loves it. So that's the reason I'm writing to you today and becoming a member to the Karma family and say thank you to Andy for bringing his Karma to the event.
Because I'm spending money on the Grandkids this Christmas, I'm going to wait after Christmas to buy a drone. In the meantime, I will email Andy for more questions and bring up questions to this forum. And research this buy for this drone.
Thank you, Merry Christmas

John H.
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