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Shot down


May 7, 2019
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Anyone have experience with their drine being shot down. After reviewing the footage it very much appears my Karma was shot down.
WOW! not experienced that yet.

What country do you live in?
So post footage.

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I slowed it down as slow as Kinemaster would allow. You can see things flying upward in front of the Gopro
Yeah, sure did see things.
Wonder what they were?
I wouldn't be surprised. People are crazy and many don't understand drone laws.

Discharge of a firearm in city limits is illegal. Did you hear gun shot? You definitely would have been close enough to hear a shot gun if it went off, even if it was just filled with bird shot.

The camera appears to start shaking before you see the object fly past the screen. I'm going to guess you lost a prop, and that is what caused the failure. Could definitely be something else though...
That could be bird shot. As asked previously, were there any holes in the drone?
Something let go. First Karma was high enough that bird shot would be pretty ineffective I think. (Have done a little bird hunting.)

Second the quivering in the video was not the drone being scared shitless because it saw something coming, but was caused by something happening in an arm or motor or blade. Hard to tell. Should be able to tell by what was recovered.

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Agreed, look way too high for a shotgun and you'd have to be a sniper to hit that small of a (moving) target that high up with a rifle...

Which then begs the question, was it a catastrophic failure or a bird? This time of year - at least on the East Coast - mama birds are very aggressive towards other birds (drones?) to protect their babies
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Looks like a prop fail to me. The white chunks in the pictures could be chopped off parts of the arm by the now unbalanced half propeller.
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