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Problem with Harness


Oct 5, 2017
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United Kingdom
Anyone experienced this with the Harness on the stabilizer?

We have only taking it out twice, we haven't forced it on - we have just normally used it!

At first, the camera wouldn't connect it eventually did, it flew out and all worked, I'm worried about what might happen if it loses connection mid flight?

We have opened an initial request with the shop we purchased from, before going to GoPro - it is only £34.99 to replace - but still!

Ive had the camera disconnect during flight. The gimbal goes crazy and the drone tries to land. Its a bit of a scary moment.

Currently trying to have the same issue fixed. Got a new Harness for it today but that didn't do the trick. The controller still says that the Karma does not recognize the camera (even though the camera starts up when the drone is turned on)...
I had a similar problem. Crashed about a month ago. Sent flight logs in. GoPro said I ignored the low battery warning so karma hit a tree. It was in plain sight only about 75 feet from me and I couldn't get control. The crash broke the stabilizer, all props, and an arm. I have the GoPro care so I paid the $159.00 vs. arguing w/them in the Philippines, (Thats where the support person said they were located at - I am in Illinois, USA) and got a replacement drone and stabilizer. Thats when it would not recognize the camera, and the once or twice it did, it dropped the camera fed just before takeoff so it wouldn't fly. Contacted Support again, explaining they sent everything new (drone and stabilizer w/harness, and it didn't connect. They sent a new harness for free and openly stated there have been many harness issues. I replaced the harness and after one test flight, all seems OK. I need a few more flights to be convinced it's fixed and reliable again. Sorry for the long post but hopefully it helps others.
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