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No Audio


Apr 20, 2018
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Hey Guys,

I just bought karma with hero6 and i dont hear audio when connected to the drone.
i also don't hear audio from the grip.
BUT: i could hear audio when not connected to both.

Please help!!
The drone automatically mutes audio. There is a setting on the controller that allows you to “unmite” the audio, but you have to do it every time you fly, as it automatically reverts to default when you set up your drone. This also applies to video settings as well.

The audio files are actually saved on your memory card. Using a video editor, you can drag add the audio files where you need them.

Attached to the grip, you should hear audio. I usually add music or sound effects, so I haven’t really paid attention to the audio quality, but I hear it isn’t all that great.
Thanks for your quick response Shon. I did unmute the audio but I still don't hear anything. Also not sure why I don't hear anything when connected to the grip so I decided to call Gopro and they guided me to troubleshooting and it ended up asking me to send them my stabilizer.

Here's what I did prior to having it replaced:
-Test recording with just the camera itself and audio worked fine
-Test recording with the drone while flying with all possible audio settings I could check and test each one(Unmute, Wind Only, Stereo, Auto) but no luck.
-Attached the stabilizer to the Grip and record, checked all possible audio settings as well but no luck
-Disconnect/Connect back the camera to the stabilizer and redo the first 4 process but still the same.
-Manually update the camera again, tried updating the grip but still the same
** I am so upset and called Gopro. It would take 2-3 weeks as they say for parts replacement

+++++++++Whole UNIT Replaced by Best BUY++++++
I just bought the drone last Friday night at Best Buy so I went there and they replaced the whole unit. I test the replacement drone, the camera, grip and they all have audio recordings now.
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Sounds like a bad stabilizer is a common theme. Glad you got it resolved.
My thoughts on it is that it could be the stabilizer system board, the stabilizer ports(hdmi and the other) or the hero 6 ports.
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My thoughts on it is that it could be the stabilizer system board, the stabilizer ports(hdmi and the other) or the hero 6 ports.

My Karma cane with a manufacturer defect on the harness that attaches to the gimbal/stabilizer. it’s only a $40 dollar part. Gopro replaced it under warranty, but it took a month for them to send me a new one. Been flying since without an issue.
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