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Lost karma


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Apr 21, 2019
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Today i whas flying my gopro karma at 35 m it would not respond to my controls it lost connection and started flying at max speed forward. The drone whas out of sight and i looked at the last know location but the drone is not there
What can i do ?
Send my flight logs to gopro and they send me a new one the day after great service
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Did you purchase GoPro Care for your Karma? Also, where you using a GoPro Hero 7 Black at the time of the fly away and did you have to purchase another one? Did the drone go down in a wooded area where it would be hard to find or did someone find your drone and run off with it?
Hey everyone,

I am hoping to get help with replacing my Karma and Hero 6. I purchased in Dec 2017. I had no idea that the drones were having so many software issues. I am just now finding all of this out and struggling to get a replacement or my money back from Gopro. I lost my drone about a month ago when it flew away suddenly after losing connection. I tried everything to land, catch up to it, and find it, to no avail. I don't have high hopes that someone found and will return it. Go pro is refusing to anything about it, even though it is their defective product that just flew away! I am so frustrated. If you all know of any lawsuits underway, let me know, because I would love to join.
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