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Karma not pairing


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Oct 4, 2018
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Hi there,

I have bought a Karma drone more than a month ago, and when I tried to fly it for the first time, the controller would not connect to the drone.
I have tried to contact the GoPro customer service several times, but I get no luck on the phone line, and the online help is just no use (they just tell me to call via the phone...). Quite disappointed with their service there, so hoping to get some help from the community! :)

The issue I am having is that the controller is not connecting to the drone (drone on pairing mode, controller trying to find the drone).
I have tried different things:
- Hard reboot of the controller (Menu > Preferences > Reset)
- Updating the software of the controller (currently saying "up to date", so must be latest version)
- Updating Karma grip and stabilizer (stabilizer currently on version 2.0.0)
- Updating Camera (Hero 6 Black, currently on 02.01.00)

The only thing I cannot update, is the drone itself (as it won't connect to the controller!)
I believe the issue is between the drone itself and the stabilizer: when I turn on the drone, the stabilizer and the camera will stay off (the stabilizer works correctly with the Karma Grip).

Did anyone have the same issue? Do you know how to solve?

Many thanks!
If Gopro customer service can't help you...I'm not sure who could. It might be a defective drone...and you might need to be polite but persuasive until they help you fix it. You might need to speak with a manager if the front line folks can't help you. There may be some sort of "ticket" they can enter, that would get you in contact with an engineer that can help you trouble shoot.

Gopro customer service isn't known for automatically jumping to "let's replace your drone" as an answer. It might take quite a bit of time working with them to come to a resolution.
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Does it do anything when you try to pair/un-pair the quad to the controller.
You could try un-pairning and then re-pairing.
I am just guessing here.....

Good luck.
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Does it do anything when you try to pair/un-pair the quad to the controller.
You could try un-pairning and then re-pairing.
I am just guessing here.....

Good luck.
I have tried everything from restoring my camera and controller to factory settings n than trying to pair again
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Has anybody found a fix for pairing gopro karma to controller?

This is my first rodeo with the GoPro karma, I typically fly DJI, but wanted to test the karma, but I have never seen such a problem like this with any of my drones, let alone the lack of support from GoPro.
Well, apparently there is NO solution. If you have a valid warranty left, they probably may send a new core to you, but if not then you are on your own.

The message I received was:
"Thank you for providing the information needed. Upon checking here, I am afraid that your Karma drone is no longer covered by our standard warranty. That being said, if you have a GoPro plus account, you can use the GoPro Plus Exchange process."

My drone is about 3yrs old and I've flown about 4hrs total. So it was quite expensive per hour for me.
Do not know where you are but if you can talk to GoPro, suggest doing so.

No consistency I can see. New battery did not work for me or a lot of others. I then tried pairing without stabilizer installed and then installing stabilizer. As long as Karma powered up, ok. Had to repeat if powered down. Got new stabilizer and was worse, never got full boot up or paired again. Got new core, all fine.

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That could be the result of disconnecting the gimbal from the drone too many times to use the grip and eventually wore out the usb-c in the drone?

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