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Karma Drone Lipo Battery Bags?


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Jun 2, 2017
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So I've done the research and decided I'll be getting the Karma Hero 5 Black drone package. And I already decided I'm going to need multiple batteries. I'm also planning to travel with the Karma to various vacation areas. I'd really like to pack the batteries in lipo bags, so that I wouldn't get any hassles from airport security. However after much searching, I have not found any lipo bags that will fit the Karma drone's battery. Has anyone come across anything that would work and fit the Karma battery?
I was actually told that all lipo batteries should be carry-on. Even as a carry-on, I'm told some airlines require lipo battery bags.

I was just curious if anyone has come across a lipo battery bag that will fit the Karma's battery.
I'm curious about lipo bags as well. When my karma crashed weekend, the battery did sustain some damage (cracked casing near the back clip, part of a small PCB was now exposed) and I just hoped nothing more significant, especially considering that had 1.5h drive home. (The battery is still sitting out side while I my support claim with gopro is in progress)
I'm curious if anyone has flown with the Karma and had any issues getting through airport security without the lipo bags?
Unless I am mistaken our drones use a lithium-ion battery not a lithium-polymer like the DJI stuff uses...
I had no problem traveling with my drone from Nj. TSA never ask to see it even after telling them what is was.

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I've recently flown with the Karma on American Airlines, Qantas, Fijian Airlines and Virgin, all had no issue with carrying two batteries on board as carry-on luggage
Same here. Drone packed in the check in luggage and 2 batteries in my hand luggage. No issues with emirates airline from Scotland-Dubai-Thailand.

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I recently flew with my Karma over the festive season.

The battery fits into a DJI Mavic LIPO battery bag - button with lights side in first, as the bag expands at the bottom to fit the battery. I flew with 2 batteries in my backpack and gave the 3rd to my wife to carry. Then i took off the straps from the Karma case to make it look like my briefcase and only had drone without props ,controller and charging unit in the case. This was all accepted as hand luggage (carry on).
Karma's props and a spare set were packed into my checked in luggage - no issues.

Happy travels
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I’ve flown on multiple flights domestic and international with the Karma and three batteries in the case as a carry-on. Just got back from Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago. No problem.

The Karma case keeps the batteries seperated in their own compartments, so I’m thinking the bags would be more relevant if you had all the batteries together in another bag or something.
I took my drone from Canada to Mexico as carry on. Didn’t return with it sadly. Haha. I was surprised that I didn’t get asked about the propellers, we cant fly with nail scissors but 7” blades are OK!?!

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