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Hello from Austin Texas


May 12, 2017
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Hey everyone, pulled trigger on Karma / 5 Black combo yesterday and took out for first flights today.

Of course I have read all the negative impressions on the Karma but as an owner of both 3DR SOLO and MAVIC PRO I purchased KARMA for the bundle package of the 5 Black and Grip --- I had been wanting the Grip and 5 Black so it made sense to just pick up drone as well for a few extra hundred bucks.

FIRST IMPRESSION - WOW on how quick you can get flying. Literally because the drone can fit with props in case you can get in the air within a couple of minutes and pack up in less than one ---CRAZY FAST when you are used to 3dr Solo and all that entails to get in flight.

Only had Mavic Pro for 2 hours before it fell out of sky and off for repairs so can't compare it just yet but
SO FAR I AM VERY HAPPY with the Karma.

I had no dropouts or disconnects but did not travel more than 400 ft away either. Look forward to exploring more with my new Karma!
Hello there,

Just south of you in Schertz, TX. Wondering your thoughts of the Karma. I have a Phantom 1 and looking to upgrade...I like the Karma as it ties all of my GoPro stuff together, but what are your takeaways.

I really like a lot about it --- first I love the simplicity of getting it up in air. Less than a minute out of backpack and your flying. My FAV is the intergrated controller. Not a fan of using my cell phone most of the time. The backpack works well so pretty convenient to get around.

BIG NEGATIVE is battery. I'm getting 12-14 minutes. That doesn't compete real well with competitors. Also range is less than much of competition as well.

LOVE KARMA GRIP and that was main reason for purchase.
I also own DJI MAVIC. SPARK and 3dr Solo.
Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying the Karma and I will say I am pretty impressed. Very easy to fly and the Grip is a "huge" plus, I love it.
I did have a crash and had to replace a couple props, but I am chalking it up to the Karma. Basically I was flying it, battery read little less than 5 mins flight time. I was returning the drone back to me (was less than 40 yards away from me and only 20 feet off the ground)...I received a warning around 3.5 mins and then all of a Sunday, maybe 10 yards away from me, the Karma shot straight up in the air about 30-40' and then nose dived for my location and crashed about 3 feet away or so. I had complete control until the Karma shot up in the air...literally lost control of it. Very strange.
Anyways, thanks for your comments, I am pleased with my purchase...I still own the Phantom 1 with GoPro mount...

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